Business Intelligence Developer I – Professional Certificate – ENG

Get certified in Business Intelligence Professional with CertiCorp. This certification is aimed at all engineers, business analysts, financial analysts or all professionals, regardless of their area, who wish to know and apply Business Intelligence within an organization of any type to support evidence-based decision making with a view to improving organizational performance.

A person certified in Business Intelligence will be able to create data models and relationships and efficiently use BI management tools for the creation, management, analysis and visualization of data, to improve the performance of operations by optimizing time and performance. 



Business Intelligence Developer I – Professional Certificate – ENG

Be able to improve in to the company process performance Help organizations leverage their data

Stands out from your competition Set realistic goals and indicators to measure them

Strengthen your resume Being able o optimize resources, reduce costs and take advantage of improvement opportunities

Certification Description:


  • Master the theoretical knowledge of business intelligence
  • Knowledge and application of OKRs and KPIS
  • Knows how to implement BI applying tools as Power Bi
  • Theoretical knowledge in BI data relations

Exam Details

  • Online test
  • 35 Multiple choice questions
  • Close Book
  • English and Spanish language
  • Passing Score : 28/35 or 80%
  • 60 minutes of duration
  • Two attempts available


Have certification in Business Intelligence Basics