Digital Marketing Expert – Professional Certificate -ENG

Get certified as a Professional in Digital Marketing with CertiCorp, this certification is aimed at entrepreneurs, personnel in the marketing or sales area, or anyone who wishes to qualify their knowledge regarding the promotion of products and services through the strategic use of online tools.

A person certified as an Expert in Digital Marketing will be able to efficiently manage the promotion of business products or services virtually through tools and technological platforms, reaching the appropriate market niche, regularly generating, managing and increasing leads.



Digital Marketing Expert – Professional Certificate -ENG

Dominate the digital world certificate in digital marketing, by analyzing current trends

Position and promote a brand in the market

Take advantage of digital platforms to reach more people

Certification Description:


  • Know and apply digital marketing tools
  • Ability to create leads and conversions
  • Knowledge and solid management of CRM Digital marketing application through social networks

Exam Details

  • Online test
  • 35 Multiple choice questions
  • Close Book
  • English and Spanish language
  • Passing Score : 28/35 or 80%
  • 60 minutes of duration
  • Two attempts available


Have a certification in:
Digital Marketing Basics