Scrum Basics – Professional Certificate – ENG-

Get certified as a Scrum Master Professional with CertiCorp, this certification is aimed at heads of Quality Control, area heads, Software Developers, or people who wish to validate their knowledge in project management with the use of agile methodologies.

A person certified in Scrum will have a broad perspective of the business and will be able to manage projects, lead strategies, and implement agile methodologies applying Scrum.



Scrum Basics – Professional Certificate – ENG-

Lead a team and develop projects in the most agile and effective way possible

Accompany and guide the entire team

The most successful companies integrate a Scrum Master into a team

Certification Description:


  • Have a general and basic vision of the fundamentals of SCRUM
  • Know about Principles of Agile methodologies

Exam Details

  • Online test
  • 35 Multiple choice questions
  • Close Book
  • English and Spanish language
  • Passing Score : 28/35 or 80%
  • 60 minutes of duration
  • Two attempts available


There are no formal prerequisites for this certification.